Far's Dagbog

Dear Emilie, I think about you every day and I have made this web site so you can see that I do.

I will write little messages and thoughts here for you every now and then.

I often wonder what you are doing and what makes you happy.

Yesterday I made fairy bread, this is a special treat we have here, I am really looking forward to making some for you.

I like to get exercise and I go to the gym often. Sometimes when I'm there I get tired and all I have to do is imagine I am playing with you. It makes me so happy I am not tired anymore.

I hope you had a really nice christmas, did you like the ukulele I made for you, it was great fun to make it.

When I was making it I thought about you the whole time, I imagined your hands playing it, my hands are way too big to fit on it!

At christmas time I visited your little cousins here in Australia, they are so nice I am sure you will really like them when you visit. Their names are Lucy and Rosalie. Lucy is the same age as you and Rosalie is a bit younger.

I was visiting my friend on his farm and I helped him clear away some branches that fell off a tree.

We pulled the branches with a tractor and a chain. Here is a picture of the chain.

emilie chain

I went to the beach and was thinking about you so I wrote your name in the sand.

emilie sand

I had some lollies and was wondering if you might like some.

emilie lollies

Hi darling, I had a really nice dream about you last night, you were visiting me and we were having a nice chat.
I was speaking to you in Danish which you thought was very funny and although you said you couldn't speak English, you were actually very good at it.
We spoke for a while and I told you that I think about you every day, then you were tired and you fell asleep in the chair with me. It was a lovely dream.

I have been remembering the time when you were a tiny baby, it was cold outside and we wrapped you up in warm blankets to take you with us to go shopping. when we got there I realised you were too hot so I unwrapped the blankets and pursed my lips and gently blew a cooling breeze onto you. At first you looked so surprised but it made you happy and cooled you down. The next morning I came to check on you and you had a very happy look on your face, when I got close you pursed your lips and gently blew toward me, such a clever girl!

Hi again my sweetie, today I went on a picnic for farmor's 70th birthday! We had a nice time and went for a walk in the forest where we saw some kangaroos so I took this photo for you. I can't wait to show you some kangaroos when you visit me in Australia


Hi there my dear little girl, I am staying at a friend's holiday house this week, it is at Airey's Inlet near Melbourne. It is so lovely here, it is at the beach and there is a little river and lots of beautiful birds. One day I will bring you here for a holiday, I am sure you will love it. Here is a photo I tookbird

Hi darling, here is a photo of Farbror's dog, he is so funny and friendly.hootie

I have moved into my house in the tropics and it is just lovely! I am setting up a room for you here for when you visit. There is so much I want to show you here, all kinds of exotic birds in the big jungle garden. There is a mother and her baby possum that live on the side of the house near the back door. It tried to climb my leg, so cute!

Your cousins came to visit me on the weekend, Lucy, Rose and now they have a baby sister Helena! Lucy is the same age as you and they played with some big cardboard boxes and patted the cat, it was so hyggeligt.

There are some big banana trees in my backyard and a giant bunch of bananas is growing on one of them. I wonder if you like bananas.

Lucy and Rose sent you a letter recently, they want to be your friend. That makes me so happy to think of you meeting them and playing and getting to know each other.

Last night I had the most wonderful dream of you visiting me. You were so grown up and you gave me the most beautiful big hug. It's so funny when I dream about you, I try to speak Danish and you can speak English, I'm always so surprised! I was so happy to tell you how much I love you.

Today I am wrapping up your presents for your birthday. It's so much fun to think you will unwrap all these things on your birthday, I would love to see which ones are your favourite! I hope the sparkly shoes fit you.

I have begun fixing my old house, there is lots of building work to do. While I am building I think about you coming to visit me and showing you what I have made.

Two of your cousins had birthdays last week, it was great fun for me to take photos at their parties and imagine being at yours. Can you see how old they are?


I went to your cousin's school today to see her in a show, it is such a nice school, I wonder if one day you would like to go to this school for a little while with your cousins.

It's December 2014, you should have the pakke kalendar I sent to you now. I love the idea of you opening one each morning.

Today I went to your cousin's horse riding party, it was so much fun, do you like horses?



Hi Darling, there is a possum that has started visiting me each day. It comes here in the evening and I give it some banana which it happily munches up! It is a mother possum and it has a little baby in its pouch.
I would love for you to see it and feed a banana to it.

Hej min skat, det her er min favorit at laver lige nu. Det kaldes "lemon meringue pie".
I would love to make some for you, I think you would like it very much.
lemon meringue pie

Hi Emilie, today I had been building part of the house and I made some concrete.
A bit later your cousins came to visit and while they were here they wrote their names in it!

lemon meringue pie

I thought I would write your name in some concrete too, maybe one day you can see it.

lemon meringue pie

Hej min søde lille pige, jeg har taget billeder af sommerfugle i min baggård, de er så flotte. Her er nogle billeder for dig.


Der har været en masse regn på det seneste, og når solen endelig kom ud med en masse fugle kom for at æde bær på træet foran mit hus.
hoveringrainbow lorikeet

Her er et billede af possum, der lever i baghaven, hun spiser banan!


Wow, this weekend I went for a tour of the Whitsunday Islands with Farbror on his boat.
We slept on the boat and made dinner in the little kitchen.
It was so fantastic, we saw dolphins, coral, giant turtles and thousands of colourful fish, so beautiful! I would love to take you there one day.

Hi Emilie, today I had a job taking photos of a ballerina. Do you like to dance or sing? Or maybe you play a musical instrument.

Hi Emilie, last weekend I went on a skovtur med min ven. Haha Jeg skriver in Danglish! It was so flot og det bliver en waterfall there. Waterfallen was almost 300 metres high! Der var lots of beautiful butterflies there, nogen terrapins, en cassowary og flere skov turkeys.

I was thinking of you the other day and I saw some school children, they were all wearing uniforms and big hats because of the hot sun. Do you wear a hat or a uniform to school?

Sidste aften lavede jeg Spaghetti Marinara det var rigtig lækkert, kan du lide at kok? Hvad mad er din favorit at spise?

It's 2016 now and I have come to Denmark to see you and find out if there is anything you need or something I can do for you but mostly to be able to tell you I love you. I saw you and it was wonderful, you are so grown up and smart and we had great fun doing some "klipning" (haha I don't even know if this is a real word). I really hope you enjoyed and remember this visit.

Farbror has gone away on holidays and I am minding his chickens in my backyard, they are so funny! They lay eggs and their favourite food is strawberries. When I go outside they follow me everywhere.

I'm in Sydney for a while and it is so cold! Well, compared to home it is anyway. 17° C! I was so cold I had to have a scarf on! haha not as cold as Denmark though!
The famous Sydney Opera House is here as is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it really is fantastic!

I have just adopted two little kittens that needed a home, they are so cute!
They are brother and sister and they love to hygge.
Do you like cats and other animals?

Today is Christmas 2018, I hope you are having a cosy time with Mor and that you know I am thinking of you.
It is so different in Australia because Christmas is during summer, not winter like in Denmark.

I have come to Denmark to visit you for your 11th birthday but I have been told you do not want to see me.
I respect your wishes and I want you to know that even if you feel it was really your idea to not want to see me that I accept it and it is okay.
You mentioned in your letter that you would contact me when you wanted to see me, you should know that you can always do this and I will happily come.
I feel very privileged to see that I have some great friends in Denmark who are very supportive and caring.
It was also nice to get some "dejlig Dansk mad" while I have been here. Danish cheese, rye bread, flødeboller, leverpostej, mmmm! Have you ever been to Lydolph's Isbar? Nomnomnom!

I am back in Australia now and I have been doing a lot of renovation work on my house.
I really like to build and make things on the weekend when I am not at work.

My two little kittens have grown up and they are so sweet and a little bit cheeky.

I have been doing Danish lessons so it will be easier to talk about things with you and today I received a notice from my app, every day for 130 days so far!
You are probably already very good at English, I wonder what they are teaching you at school.lessons

I have been wondering what it is like in Denmark with this COVID-19 pandemic.
I hope you are not too worried and that you are safe and well.
You probably have to spend some time at home away from school, I'm sure you will have a cosy time with Mor and that she will help you with your school work.

Happy Birthday Emilie!
Wow, 12 years old! Tillykke med fødselsdagen!

I have just taken photos for my friend's daughter's school graduation. It made me wonder about the traditions in Denmark like graduation and confirmation.
I wonder if you will celebrate confirmation and what meaning this has for you.
I really like taking photos for people so they can look back at themselves and remember a moment in their lives.

Last weekend I had a nice day visiting your farbror Richard on Magnetic Island.
It was very hyggeligt, we ate some very tasty snacks and a kookaburra kept wanting me to feed it frikadeller kød while we were cooking.

Some time ago I planted some special vines in my garden. These vines are the favourite food of the Cairns Birdwing butterfly. I hoped that they would come and lay some caterpillars on the vines and they did! They grew big and fat then later turned into beautiful butterflies. They are Australia's largest butterfly with each wing about 75mm. These photos are from my garden.


Happy Birthday my dear Emilie! 13! Wow, a teenager! All my love, Far

Hi Emilie, I have been to Melbourne to visit my parents, your grandparents! It would be so wonderful if you could visit them. They live in Melbourne which is a big city in the south of Australia

Hi Emilie, I've just visited your cousin Madeline. She lives in the Sunshine Coast with her husband and beautiful new whippet.
They live on a little farm in the hills. They are going to have a baby soon and Madeline has a big belly.
I showed her how to make kanel snegler, it was great fun.

I've been busy building my house, it's a lot of work but I have always liked to build things so it's fun for me to do on my weekends.
It was also fun a couple of days ago when my cats were allowed to go into a new part of the house for the first time, they were so excited and happy!

Happy 14th Birthday Emilie! I hope you have a very nice day. I wonder what your favourite cake is.
I am going to my favourite ice cream shop today they have incredible flavours like dulce de leche and pistacio praline. I will think of you when I go there.
You are always in my thoughts, lots of love to you, Far